Thursday, December 8

Emperor: 'Some people dislike me because they *think* I'm a liberal' !!

How clueless can one person be?  Read what your ridiculous emperor said in a slobbering interview on CNN (often called the "Clinton News Network"):
“There are people who dislike me because they think I’m a liberal,” the president told CNN's interviewer. “I think there is a reason why attitudes about my presidency among whites in northern states are very different from whites in southern states.”
"...because they THINK I'm a liberal"?  He's implying that anyone who thinks he's a liberal is wrong...maybe, um, deluded.  Bitter clingers and all.

Or as Hilliary so elegantly put it: "A basket of deplorables."

I hope the good people of this nation never forget that slur.

Oh, and about all those whites in northern states--who you claim have a very different attitude toward you?  Who provided the votes that elected you twice (showing they're not racists)?  When your party lost Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio...clearly all northern states...ya think your policies might have had anything to do with that?

Nah, you wouldn't.  You'll believe the problem is that whites don't like your race.  But wait--guilt-ridden northern whites provided the margin in both your elections.  You really claim they're racists when they voted for you twice?  Damn, you're delusional.  It's your socialist (liberal) policies, dumbshit.

Let's see, Barack:  You forced the good, hard-working people of this nation to buy overpriced, high-deductible health insurance so you could give "free" health insurance--i.e. paid for by taxpayers--to the poor.  That's an admirable sentiment...and there were a dozen ways to do that without forcing every American to buy overpriced health insurance.

But you wouldn't listen, wouldn't negotiate on a single point.  When your socialist party controlled both houses of the otherwise-useless congress, you instructed the congressional leaders of your party not to allow a single GOP amendment to that abomination to get a floor vote.

Your party hired a man named Jon Gruber to draft the language of this abomination.  He met you at the White Hut more than once.  He was later caught on video saying "We deliberately wrote this so the public couldn't figure it out."   And "We were able to pass this because the American public was too stupid to figure it out."

No, you clueless POS, you're not a liberal.  You're a socialist.  And do, do tell us how that's working out for, oh, Venezuela.

As the great Margaret Thatcher said, the only problem with socialism is sooner or later you run out of other peoples' money.


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