Wednesday, December 14

West Point holds "Transgender day of remembrance." WTF?

The U.S. Military Academy--West Point--is supposed to train U.S. Army officers.  For a couple of hundred years that's involved teaching academics, military history and military tactics.  Seems like a good plan for future Army officers.

But now that the emperor Obozo has purged the Army of militarily-good generals, and promoted only the politically-correct ones, the generals who run West Point have decided a great use of the training time for future Army officers is...holding a “Transgender Day of Remembrance.”

This sounds so crazy that you probably think it's satire.

Unfortunately, while it seems unreal it really happened.  In fact this is the 4th year in a row that the wack-job generals at West Point have done this.

Lest you think this is just an aberration affecting Army brass, the admirals running Annapolis--ostensibly training future naval officers--have introduced a "seminar" titled “Transgender 101."

You may wonder why our military academies are dedicating training time to either honor transgenders or make officers more transgender-friendly.  Transgenders can't possibly constitute one percent of the military, so spending training time on this seems a terrible mis-use.  But of course in Obama's America, transgenders are a special protected class--which means any military officer who refuses to embrace this policy won't be promoted.

Insane.  But for Obama and the Dems, anything that lowers the morale of our military is good, eh?


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