Sunday, December 4

Pennsylvania's Democrat SecState releases addresses and phone numbers of state's electors to help Dems intimidate 'em

If you haven't been paying attention you may have missed the latest move by the fine, upstanding Democrats:  They've told supporters to contact presidential electors--the people from each state who formally cast the votes of their state for the winning candidate--from states Trump won and pressure 'em into casting their electoral vote for Hillary.

Wait, wait...didn't Hilliary and the entire Lying Media wail about how anti-American it would be if Trump didn't promise to accept the results of the election, regardless of how much fraud was found?

Why yes, yes they did.  But of course Democrats are nothing if not flexible when it comes to standards.

Anyway...the names, addresses and phone numbers of electors weren't widely known, so that made it slightly hard for Democrat "threateners" to contact 'em.  Ah but when you have the help of a corrupt Democrat official who DOES have that information....

Trump won Pennsylvania, so now the Democrat Secretary of State of Pennsylvania--one Pedro Cortes--has helped this thuggish intimidation campaign by releasing not only the names of the state's electors but also their home addresses and phone numbers.

The state's GOP is calling the move "unprecedented," and going by recent history it certainly is. Previously, the secretary of state's office would release the names and home counties of electors but had never released their personal contact information.

Cort├ęs's office claims they were just following the law on public documents. The GOP isn't buying it.
PennLive spoke to an elector who said she had received 18,000 emails, 130 letters and postcards and numerous phone calls after her address and phone number were released, all urging her to cast her vote for Hilliary.

She asked not to be identified out of fear of further harassment.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review interviewed two other electors -- Craig Stewart, of Cumberland County, and Ash Khare of Warren County -- who each said they had also received thousands of emails.

State GOP spokeswoman Megan Sweeney said "The Department of State's actions are directly responsible for the unprecedented harassment and potential endangering of Pennsylvania's electors by people who want the electors to ignore the will of the people of this state."

A spokesperson for the SecState office claimed that under state election law the list of electors is a public document, and that the department was required to release a list that included contact information to anyone who requested it.

Without having read the Penn law, I can absolutely guaran-dam-tee that it does NOT require the SecState to release personal contact info of electors.  What horse-shit.  The press release just made that up.  Can you imagine the outcry if the legislature passed a law requiring such a thing?

Well, maybe in Cuba.

This, friends, is how civil wars start.  When the Democrats make it their official policy to break precedent to help their thugs try to intimidate electors into voting against the candidate who won their state's vote, elections become meaningless. 

And historically, when the ballot box is useless, the ammunition box is the next choice.

Any of you Dems who haven't already denounced this move are absolutely, totally complicit in the outcome.

I hope you realize what you've unleashed here.  But I'm guessing you don't.  Your side has cheated (outright fraud, as admitted by the two Dem thugs captured on James O'Keefe's video) for so long that you think it's normal.


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