Thursday, December 1

Trump says flag-burning should be penalized; moonbats freak, don't know Hillary co-sponsored a bill to do that

From NY to LA, liberal moonbats are going nuts (again) over Trump's latest:
"OMG, did you hear??  Trump thinks flag-burning should be penalized!  Wow, what an idiot!  He obviously doesn't know that way back in 1988 those brilliant judges on our wonderful Supreme Court ruled it was protected free speech!

"Wait...what?  You say our wonderful candidate Hillary (pbuh) sponsored a bill to criminalize flag-burning back in 2005?  Oh nooo, citizen, that simply cannot be.  Hillary only does wonderful, brilliant things, just like our beloved preezy!  She would never do something so awful! 

"You're making me feel very unsafe, comrade.  I may have to go to my Safe Space to recover!

"Actually I don't recall seeing you at any of the Young Communist meetings.  I'm thinking you must   be some sort of conservative agent!  I'll bet you don't even support open borders, or free college, or making the Big Banks forgive our student loans!  You probably don't even believe burning fossil fuel is killing the planet by increasing CO2 !
Okay, for those who don't believe the brilliant Hillary ever co-sponsored a bill to criminalize flag burning, here's Wiki:

Oh wait, I see now:  If Hilliary proposes criminalizing flag burning it's good--very very good.  It only becomes a bad thing if Trump proposes it.  Yeah, that makes perfect moonbat sense.


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