Monday, December 12

Before the election Dems demanded that Repubs accept the results, regardless. Now? Not.

Way back during one of the debates--seems like it was a long, long time ago--the Democrats arranged to ask Trump a trick question:  Would he promise to accept the results of the election no matter what?

Clever.  They were totally confident that Hilliary would win in a landslide--as the Lying Media had been crowing for months--so they wanted to get him to pledge not to file any legal challenge even if there was evidence of massive fraud.

Clever, clever Democrats.

Now it seems that about 40 percent of the populace--Democrats--are trying to overturn the Constitutional method of electing presidents--even trying to intimidate state electors into voting against the guy who won their state.


That's especially intriguing because Hilliary herself derided Trump for refusing to pledge to accept the results regardless.  So you'd think leading Democrats would be telling their insane comrades to accept the results and try again in four years.  But of course, that's not how Democrats roll.

Masters of double standards.


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