Wednesday, September 21

Venezuela putting newborns in cardboard boxes because they don't have working incubators

Democrats and liberals have had a whining rallying cry for years: “What about the children?  If our wonderful federal government doesn’t do [something they want], defenseless little children will suffer!”  They use this again and again, to get the government to take over more and more decisions.

And what happens when they get their way?

Here is what happens:
The economic crisis in Venezuela is now so bad that doctors are using cardboard boxes instead of incubators to keep newborn babies.
According to the Pharmaceutical Federation, the shortage of medicines is more than 80 percent and around 13,000 doctors, more than 20 percent of the medical staff in the country, have emigrated in the last four years because of the crisis in their sector and because of low salaries.
Socialism.  Ain't it wonderful?  And you're about to elect a woman who wants to make college "free" for all.  Well, maybe not exactly "free"--you'll pay for it.  But you'll love it.  Cuz, Democrats.


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