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"Throwing good money after bad"--Hillary says she can "fix" Obamacare, Syria, Libya, etc

Richard Fernandez is one of the sharpest analysts I've seen.  He was born in a country that withstood a strong communist movement, and saw first-hand how ruthless the Left is in its lust for absolute power.  He sees the same signs here that he saw in his native country.

I've adapted the ideas below from one of his blog posts, which you can read in its entirety here.
He looks at how easily the failure of Obamacare could be predicted--and was, in fact, predicted.  But Obama and the Democrats were determined to pass it regardless of whether it would work or not.  Their objective was to give the poor health insurance--even if paid for entirely by working taxpayers.

In the Democrats' view Obamacare HAD to work, because...well, their intentions were good (some of 'em, anyway).  As far as the Left is concerned any dumb, costly program is great as long as one has good intentions.

And of course now Hillary wants to pour even more tens of billions of taxpayer dollars into this ghastly, horrible failure.  As she put it in one of the debates, "We can't just rip it up and throw it away."

This, friends, is called "throwing good money after bad."  And it's easy to see why the Dems--having supported this disaster so strongly--don't want to admit it's a costly white elephant...a horrible failure.  Because that would suggest they're too incompetent to run anything, let alone a whole nation.

Now, as insurers declare that they'll stop offering health insurance in entire states, and as companies have announced that premiums will be hiked by up to 80 percent starting in January, working Americans are finally--finally--starting to wake up and realize they've been sold a bunch of crap.   The AP says that Minnesota's governor--Democrat Mark Dayton, once one of Obamacare's strongest supporters--has proclaimed the Affordable Care Act is "no longer affordable." 

Solidly-democrat Minnesota was one of the states that opted to start its own health-insurance "exchange," called "Mnsure."  It suffered a series of disasters.  In January of 2014 an independent consultant recommended Mnsure be shut down, and that Minnesotans buy insurance on the federal "exchange."  Dayton refused the recommendation and instead poured tens of millions more taxpayer dollars into trying to keep Mnsure afloat.  He insisted that Obamacare was a great idea and that the state exchange would eventually be a financial success.

Finally last week--two years after rejecting the consultant's recommendation--Dayton declared that "The reality is that the Affordable Care Act is no longer affordable for an increasing number of people.”  That came a week after Bill Clinton admitted that Obamacare was “the craziest thing in the world,” and that consumers “wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half.”

But hey, why scrap a ghastly idea if you can just pour in more taxpayer bucks?  At the 2nd presidential debate Hillary said one reason to elect her president was that she would fix Obamacare. Like Dayton, she cited the enormous effort that had already gone into the failed program, saying "We can't just rip it up and throw it away."

She's made the same argument in the field of foreign policy.  She says you should elect her president because she'll 'fix' Syria.  At the second presidential debate she pushed the idea of "a U.S.-led military intervention" to stop Russian and Syrian planes from bombing rebel-held areas like Aleppo, "even if it meant clashing with Russia." 

For those who haven't been following the Syrian civil war, ISIS and allied forces have been fighting the Syrian government of Bashir Assad--who's been a protege of Russia for decadees.  The Russians are understandably supporting Assad, and are using their air force to strike ISIS positions in several locations, including Aleppo.  The emperor's administration opposes Assad.  But if Russia is killing ISIS fighters, why should we side with ISIS against Russia?  By all accounts, to any rational person ISIS is worse than Assad.  We should be wishing the Russians success.  But Hilliary, in her infinite wisdom, wants to stop Russia and Syria from using air power "even if it means clashing with Russia."

This is nuts.  But by her own proclamation, this is the kind of policy Hillary supports.

From Aleppo to Mosul, Yemen to Libya; from the Ukraine to Iran; from Japan to the Philippines the number of places that need fixing keeps growing.  Each time Hillary proudly touts her familiarity with these problems as reason for putting her in the White House--even if her policies (as advised to the emperor) caused the problems in the first place.

The homily "we can't just rip it up and throw it away" is psychologically seductive.  People who've lost thousands gambling are unwilling to quit, simply because they've dropped ("invested") so much money.  If they just stay resolute, surely they'll eventually prevail, right? 

This logical fallacy applies to a wide variety of situations, from the trillion dollar Obamacare debacle to the hundreds of billions the emperor spent trying to win friendship with Iran.  How has that worked out?  "If we just give them a few more tens of billions...."

Of course with the Mainstream Media ignoring video of Democrat operatives bragging about causing riots and pushing vote fraud, Americans will neither know nor care...until disaster--the foreseeable fruits of all these Democrat policies--actually arrives.  And of course by that time it's too late.


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