Monday, October 17

Weirdness at Hillary rally at Temple University--video

I'm not an Alex Jones fan.  The guy's got lots of goofy ideas.  But with that said, even a poorly-educated self-promoter can sometimes uncover good material.

Hillary had a rally at Temple University, and one of Jones's reporterettes was on-hand.  She noticed some very unusual things:  First, a day or two before the rally the campaign website removed her entire rally schedule for the next 3 days or so.  If you want to have people attend your rally it's hard to figure out a good reason for that. 

When the reporter sought to enter the venue a bearded guy at the door said she couldn't enter because "the fire marshall says we're at capacity." 

Keep this phrase in mind because it'll be re-visited later.

After the rally was over the intrepid reporter just walked right in--and found barely 200 chairs set up in a narrow arc around the stage.  Lots of spare floor space.  And no one had started folding chairs up yet.

"Fire marshall said we're at capacity," huh?

She also finds a crowd of very young people milling around outside after the rally.  She interviews a few and asks 'em if they go to Temple U.  Turns out they're *high school students* who were bused in as a large group, with teachers and escorts.  Seems like the campaign needed bodies to fill seats.  Of course they could simply have opened the doors to the public--but obviously didn't dare do that.

So Hilliary can't get 200 people to attend her rally, while Trump packs in 20,000 or so.  And yet "all" the polls show Hilliary way ahead, eh?  And yes, she'll win it--by fraud.  Of course everyone will know, but won't be able to do a thing about it.

If you had a video of postal workers opening absentee ballots and shredding those marked for Trump, who would you call?  Think the corrupt FBI would care? 

Think the vaunted "Federal Election Commission" would care? 

Think your local TV station would care? 


The video below is 13 minutes or so, but it's worth watching.


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