Wednesday, October 19

Hidden video captures Dem operatives *working for the DNC* admitting vote fraud and starting riots at Trump rallies

If her treasonous carelessness with TOP SECRET cables on an unsecure private email server, or her lies about Benghazi, didn't dent your support for Hilliary, the following video should.  It's the smoking gun.

If you still believe Hillary is running an honest campaign--or if you think she's horribly crooked but can't convince your relatives or friends--watch the following video.  It shows Democrat operatives who *claim* to be working at the direction of the DNC and Hillary bragging about how they commit vote fraud, and incite riots at Trump rallies.

Oh, you may think this is just fiction, that the people shown never worked for the Dems.  Actually they were just fired yesterday.  That should tell you something.

And you can bet they were "fired" with the promise of huge payoffs if they'd deny everything, or say they recognized the hidden camera and were just playing the interviewer.

Fact is, this is the smoking gun.  Vote fraud, voter intimidation, starting riots at opposition rallies--you name it, they did it.

H/T Steve Greenwood


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