Friday, October 21

Sex attacks prompt Swedish cops to advise women not to go out alone at night. Yeah, that's a great solution.

A surge in attacks and assaults on women by so-called "refugees"--all males, all military-age--in Sweden has forced police in the city of Ă–stersund to advise women not to go outdoors alone.

The warning comes after a poll conducted by Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet found nearly half of all women in the country are now scared to exercise alone at night.  Almost one-third of those polled said if they were away from home after dark, they would rather stay at a friend’s house than try to get home alone.

Oh, say liberals and Dems, that's Europe, so that has absolutely no relevance to us here!  President Obama (pbuh) and president Clinton can continue to import tens of thousands of refugees (99% of whom, curiously, are Muslim) into the U.S. and settle them in small towns, and not only won't we see any negative consequences, we'll all be FAR better off because...well, you know..."diversity is strength."


It's okay, citizen.  You'll love preznit Clinton.  After all, look how much Billy Jeff raised America's standing in the world!  The rest of the world really respected us because of his sound judgment and firm resolve!  And there can be no doubt that his wife will revive that same level of ethics, morality and democracy!  Yay!

With sarcasm now off:  The seeds of jihad, terror and death planted in the U.S. by emperor Obozo will bear bitter fruit for you or a loved one sooner or later.  Liberals will totally deny that the Democrats bear any responsibility for this ghastly decision.  And the mainstream media--Democrat-run and Dem-loving--will agree.


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