Thursday, October 20

Leftist newsrag publishes race-baiting article "fearing America will enslave blacks *again*"

Time magazine has been a Dem-loving left-wing rag for 60 years or so, and two days ago they published yet another article designed to destroy America--this time by race riot.

Naturally you think this is hyperbole.  In that case click here to read the damn thing.
The article is by NPR's Tavis Smiley and it's titled
 "Why I fear America could enslave black people again."  

Yeah, you read that right.

First let's get something straight:  No one disputes that slavery was ghastly, but America didn't enslave blacks.  African blacks were captured by other blacks and sold to slave traders, who brought them to the colonies.  It's true that after the Revolutionary War the courts issued decisions that supported that institution (the most infamous being the Dred Scott decision), but to say "America enslaved blacks" is twisting history.

When a "major" "news magazine" prints something like this, lots of people just soak it up without a moment of critical analysis.  When a huge majority of black Americans take this as a true statement, it's easy to understand why they'd be worried or angry or nervous or whatever.

But "enslaving black people again" isn't remotely plausible.  So by publishing the fevered ranting of a reliably Democrat leftist, Time has fanned the flames of race war.  To say that's totally irresponsible is being far too kind.

The editors at Time should know better.  But of course their purpose--like Smiley's--was to denigrate the Republican candidate and generate votes for Shrillary.  They don't give a damn what other consequences may ensue.  And are already here:  Look at the number of ambush-style shootings of cops by blacks this year.  Think fanning the flames of race hatred isn't already having consequences?

The Time editors who approved this ghastly, race-baiting article should be shot forthwith.

Metaphorically, of course.


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