Thursday, October 20

Emperor's press secretary dodges questions about Democrat operatives caught admitting to vote fraud meeting the emperor 47 times

The facts on Democrat vote fraud and the Obama administration, as of now:

1.  A young man who wants an honest government and honest elections used a hidden camera to video two long-time Democrat operatives--Bob Creamer and Scott Foval--admitting to paying people to start riots at Trump rallies.  They also bragged about having committed vote fraud to elect Democrat candidates--for 50 years!

2.  Creamer has been a consultant to both the Dem national committee and Clinton's campaign.

3.  Official White House logs--i.e. not altered by conservative, honest Americans--show that Creamer has visited the White Hut 342 times since 2009--and that 47 of those visits were to meet directly with your piece of s*** emperor--the guy who loudly lied that he would run "the most transparent administration *ever.*"

4. Yesterday Creamer announced he was "stepping back" from both positions.

5. In 2005 Creamer was convicted of "bank fraud"--to the tune of $2.3 MILLION--and served a grand total of five months for the fraud.  You'd think no reputable administration would touch this guy with a ten-foot pole--let alone have their emperor meet with the guy 47 times.  Ah, but this administration doesn't care--because they run the f'n media.

6.  Creamer is married to a Democrat congresswhore from Illinois--Jan Schakowski--who has been in congress for 17 years.  Most observers of Illinois politics think Schakowski is crooked.

7.  When one reporter--one--had the audacity to ask the emperor's press secretary (Josh Earnest) what was going on with this guy meeting with the emperor 47 times, the spokesman's response was to imply that the video was probably inaccurate--but he wouldn't say in what particular he was claiming the video was inaccurate.  Earnest also refused to answer questions about the purpose of the meetings with the emperor.

8.  A spokeswhore for "Hillary for America"--Zac Petkanas--set up the cover story this way:
'Project Veritas has been known to offer misleading video out of context,' but 'some of the language and tactics referenced in the video are troubling even as a theory or proposal never executed.'
Note the cunning inference:  "...even as a theory or proposal never executed."  The Clinton campaign already knows that no one will ever have the balls to investigate to find out how much was actually "executed," so this cunning bastard can *imply* that this was all just "a proposal never executed."  Isn't that clever?

9.  You won't see more than a few seconds of reference to any of this in the Democrat-controlled media, for obvious reasons.  And the few seconds you do hear will be to try to discredit the story.  Because this isn't just a "smoking gun"--it's an atomic-bomb-size scandal.  Any other president, presidential candidate and their party would be utterly discredited by this.  But Democrats are scandal-proof--because they run the mainstream media.

10.  The link in item 3 is to the UK's "Daily Mail."  No U.S. paper would dare to print this story.  Bloggers will, but they only reach people who know about them.  And they'll only be free to do that for a few more months, until the imperial government decides to force anyone wanting to post political content on the Net to get a pricey license from the FCC.  They'll try to "justify" this by claiming that unregulated posts on the internet "hurt peoples' feelings" or something equally dumb.  And a majority of Americans will nod in agreement.


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