Thursday, October 20

In 2000 Gore said he wouldn't concede the election, and the media approved; but Trump? HORRORS!

The mainstream press is awash with supposed outrage after Trump refused to say that he would concede the election if he lost.  Of course an accurate wording of that question would be "if the results reported by the state-run bodies claimed he lost," since there can be no doubt the Democrats will stuff ballot boxes, shred mail-in votes for Trump, mail ballots to overseas members of the military too late for them to be returned in time to be counted, and a dozen other dirty tricks they've been caught at before.

But that's just quibbling:  The bigger point here is that in 2000 Al Gore refused to concede defeat in that year's election--and the media didn't say a single critical word.

For college students, the 2000 election came down to one state:  Florida.  The vote there was close, and Gore quite properly asked for a recount, saying he wanted "to make sure all votes were counted."  Hard to argue with that.  Indeed, Democrats have been pushing that point for years.

But when a Republican says the same thing, suddenly it's a huge horror, eh?

But hey, not a shred of bias in your imperial press, citizen.  In fact we're horrified that you'd even think such a thing.


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