Friday, October 14

Obama's record on foreign policy

There's a saying dating back to Roman times:  If you want peace, prepare for war.
It would seem at least plausible that the reverse is also true:  If a nation is known to opponents to be unequivocally opposed to ever fighting for anything, the risk of being attacked increases.   Which brings us to the emperor's position on international relations.

Obama and the Dems have an amazing record of failure in foreign policy:  Turning Libya into a civil war zone.  Obama declared the "red line" if Bashir Assad used chemical weapons, then folded, then claimed he never said any such thing.  Giving heavy weapons--including shoulder-fired missiles--to sketchy groups in the Syrian theater only to have the whole group switch sides to supporting ISIS.  Claiming the attack on Benghazi was a spontaneous demonstration triggered by a video on the Net, despite knowing this was a lie.

Finally the utter disaster that is the nuclear non-treaty treaty with Iran, the terms of which the emperor first concealed from the American people and even congress, then lied about.

Now the leader of Russia smells weakness, and is missile-rattling to see if Obama will cave yet again.

The emperor and his lackeys--endlessly praised by the media as the smartest, most clever people on the planet-- found they weren't half as clever as they thought.

No American should be surprised by the results.  After all, prior to winning the presidency Obama had zero experience doing anything of substance.  He and his lackeys had spent their entire adult lives learning how to raise money, craft talking points, lie persuasively, deliver talking points convincingly to adoring supporters, fund opposition research to disqualify political opponents, defend or deny authorship of programs that failed, and plant press releases with adoring supporters posing as unbiased journalists. 

Hey, with skillz like that, who could possibly have predicted problems would arise?

Of course most Americans could have predicted that those skills would be virtually useless in running a nation with any semblance of competence.

But don't worry, citizen:  the Democrats have learned from 8 years of unbroken failure, and won't be making the same mistakes twice.  For example, where Obama was a total unknown except for his skin color, the Dems have extensively vetted Hillary--her foundation, Wall Street speeches, TOP SECRET emails on her private server, foundation donors, everything.   Nothing shady about her at all. 

Oh sure, maybe her husband met with the emperor's Attorney-general for an hour--on the latter's plane on the ramp in Phoenix, where no one could see or hear them--but that was simply a coincidence:  They were both at the airport at the same time and he just happened to take a wrong turn while heading for the terminal and wound up in her plane.   Happens all the time.  Hey, one set of stairs looks just like the others, right?

It's also reassuring that when that little dust-up about her private server surfaced, the FBI quickly investigated, seized asked her top aides nicely for their laptop computers, then destroyed those so no secrets could possibly end up being compromised.  Not that there were any secrets on 'em, of course.

Eh, what difference could it possibly make, right?  Four more years of Obama is just peachy for most Americans.  And she can't be impeached either, any more than the emperor.  Cuz first woman prez.



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