Monday, October 10

So-called "asylum-seeker" rapes 72-year-old woman, gets slap on the wrist and government refuses to deport him

What do you think a reasonable punishment should be for a young man who brutally rapes a 72-year-old woman?

In Austria an "asylum-seeker" who committed that heinous crime got just 20 months. And they "can't" deport him because of some outrageous EU rule.

So he brutally attacked this poor woman but will be released in less than two years--and "can't" be deported. Wow.

According to a report in the Kurier newspaper, the criminal “asylum seeker” and at least two accomplices attacked the pensioner as she was out walking her dog.

The 72-year-old encountered three "migrants" swimming in the river.  She started talking to them, and was suddenly hit from behind, pushed to the ground and raped.  At the time, police were unable to trace the attacker. It was only when the invader committed yet another crime that he was arrested, and after a DNA swab was matched to the rape.
As the "migrant" was seventeen at the time of the attack, he was sentenced to just 20 months--because at 17 I guess illegals are presumed to be too young to know not to rape women.

Incredibly, the attacker was only sentenced to twenty months for this outrageous crime because the court noted that he had no criminal record and had confessed to the crime.

Austrian law says that when so-called "asylum seekers” commit serious crimes, they're supposed to  be deported, in practice this is never implemented because in most cases, they cannot be returned to their countries of origin.
This is because European Union “human rights” legislation forbids the deportation of “asylum seekers” to any place where their “lives might be in danger”—a fact always used by the rapefugees to avoid being sent back home, even when it is clear that weren't fleeing danger but merely looking for free cash.

Her friend said the victim “has never been herself since the attack.  She no longer dares to go outside her house alone."

Great job, EU pols.  Oh wait, that's right:  Obozo--your Constitution-shredding emperor--has ordered his Immigration Service not to deport illegal alien immigrants even if they commit serious crimes here.  And Hilliary has vowed to continue the emperor's open-borders policy.  According to her (and most other top Democrat leaders) anyone in the world should be able to come to the U.S. without any restrictions at all.


Of course my liberal friends think this is just faaabulous.  Hopefully their children will realize what their parents have done to them before very long.


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