Friday, October 14

One branch of govt gets it, the others don't

Government:  A pinnacle of rational behavior.
In every national park in the country, for decades the Park Service has posted signs saying 
Please don't feed the animals. They become dependent on handouts and won't learn how to take care of themselves.
This year the agency of the federal government that runs the Food Stamp program proudly says it's distributing food stamps--essentially "free" food--to 46 million people, which it says is the greatest number EVER on the food-stamp program. 

Interesting:  One arm of the fed monstrosity recognizes that handing out free food encourages dependency--while another division happily encourages exactly that.

Now, no one wants people to starve if they literally can't work.  But Democrats are quite content to give freebies to people who are quite capable of working, but refuse to take a job they think isn't up to their mahvelous skill level.  Far easier--and more free time!--to let taxpayers carry 'em.  But only til a sufficiently high-paying job opens up for 'em.  Like, Assistant Executive Director of Diversity Outreach, or similar.

And you can't stop it.  At least, it's not possible as long as a Democrat is emperor.


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