Monday, October 10

Russia increasing its nuclear arsenal--apparently ready to violate two treaties--as Obozo shrinks ours

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Russia seems to be breaking the terms of the "Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty with the U.S, by building new nuclear warheads instead of scrapping 'em.

Meanwhile the U.S. continues to scrap our own bombs, based on State Department data.

Over the past six months, says the Beacon, the U.S. has scrapped 114 nuclear warheads, under the terms of the START treaty, while Russia has deployed 249 more warheads than will be allowed under START by February 2018.  So unless it reverses course and starts destroying warheads rather than building them, it pretty much looks like Russia is abrogating the START treaty unilaterally.

This isn't just an aberration:  Since the treaty went into effect in 2011 Russia has increased the number of warheads it's deployed from 1,537 to 1,796 --an increase of 259.  Over the same period the U.S. has reduced its warheads by 433.
Adding to the danger, Putin earlier this week ended Russia's agreement with the U.S. for both nations to reduce their stocks of plutonium, used for making atom bombs. 

Russia is sending a clear message that they're upping their nuclear arsenal, while our shrinks.

Four years ago your emperor ridiculed GOP challenger Mitt Romney for calling Russia one of the U.S.' biggest threats. Members of the Democratic Party's foreign-policy elite and the media joined in on the derisive laughter.  But once again the consistently blundering emperor has been proved completely wrong--as has Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Just weeks after we announced a deal to cooperate with Russia in Syria, Russia told the U.S. in no uncertain terms that they didn't want to cooperate with us.  Now it's added an exclamation point by installing surface-to-air missiles in Syria.  Those have no use against ISIS because it has no air force. Those SAMs are meant for us.

Whether one sees the Putin phenomenon in Russia as a good thing or a bad thing, there is no question that the Russian leader is increasing their nuclear arsenal.  Obama's foreign-policy bumbling, apathy and weakness have led Putin to conclude that the U.S. is no longer willing to defend western interests.  He's convinced the U.S. will no longer respond to an attack--which is always a dangerous thing.

But fortunately we know Hillary has always been strong on defense, so under her skilled leadership...HAHAHAHAHAHA!  Hilliary has always hated the military, so if the combination of so-called "elites," low-information voters (people who couldn't find Russia on a map, i.e. gimmedats) and vote fraud puts her into the oval office there's absolutely no doubt we'll get 4 or 8 more years of the Obama doctrine.

But don't worry, citizen:  Under a Hilliary presidency the Russians won't attack, because all world leaders respect her so much.  Reeeally.  You must believe us.  Because we went to Hahvahd and have high-paying jobs in media and gummint.  So you can trust us to always tell you the truth!


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