Monday, September 19

Clinton Foundation swears it gave a whopping 5.7 percent of its income (i.e.donations) to charity; almost $35 mill on salaries!

Charities are required to file regular reports with the federal gummint certifying exactly what the spent in the past year on salaries, perks, travel, office rental, booze...and how much the actually gave to charitable causes. 

Last week the famed "Clinton Foundation" filed its annual report for 2014 (not 2015).  For that year the foundation received $178 million in donations. 

It spent $91.3 million.  But that's okay--you never know when those $50-million-dollar donations from middle-eastern governments will dry up, eh?  So better to keep some cash in reserve.  Prudent, right?  And heaven knows, Hilliarly is nothing but prudent!

Of course not all of that $9 mill went to, y'  Obviously some was spent on salaries, perks, travel, food, office space, private unencrypted websites and so on.  Cuz, y'know, it takes lots of highly-skilled people to run a slush fund.

Okay, how much did they give to charity and how much was spent on...other shit?  Well, thanks to their own filing, we know:  Just under six percent of their total expenses went to charities.

$34.8 million went to salaries.

$8 million was spent on "travel."  That is, they spent more on travel than they gave to charity.

The foundation described a whopping $50.4 million of its spending as "other."  Gosh, wonder what that was?

And remember, these numbers are from their own filing, not guesses.

But not a smidgen of corruption there.  No sir.  That is one *clean* foundation!  Totally "transparent."

And you're about to elect this bitch president????????  I'll admit Trump's not exactly inspiring, but...Hilliary? 

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