Thursday, October 13

Vote fraud: Yet another crime Loretta and the emperor won't prosecute. Look for a lot of it in the election.

You need to know about vote fraud--mainly because if a candidate wins by means of massive vote fraud, it's too late to do anything about it.

Of course you probably think that's absurd.  If fraud was massive and blatant, why on earth would the Supreme Court or congress tolerate it?

Ah, I see you're new to this country.

Forget "We want the best leader" or "This will set the supreme court for 30 years."  Those are extremely critical, but there's a much more immediate motive for fraud: the award of billions of dollars of shady contracts--"consultancies" to various fed agencies, supply contracts, all manner of "special" programs that can be created by a president or congress--depends on who wins.

You need to know that virtually every big city in the U.S. is run by Democrats, and has been for decades.  They know that having a Democrat president opens the federal treasury to high-speed rail, highway improvements, hundreds of millions of dollars of "community grants" to Dem constituencies and so on.  Everyone has a motive to cheat.

So when employees of the federal bureau of "Citizenship Services" say they've been pressured to fast-track citizenship for current illegals--presumably so they can vote in the upcoming election--that's a hint that no tactic is off the table for the Democrats.

Want free needles and "safe spaces" to shoot up that sweet, sweet heroin?  Democrats think that's a faaabulous idea--and know how to make money off it.

Think taxpayers should fund sex-changing surgery for members of the military, or prisoners, or retirees?  Democrats have already pioneered that, and are looking to increase funding.  They reasonably expect that those programs won't get much money under a Republican president.  So they have a big reason to cheat.

And the emperor's administration has never prosecuted a Democrat for even egregious vote fraud.  So since vote fraud doesn't carry any risk of prosecution for Dems, the only thing keeping Dems from casting as many fraudulent votes as possible would be love of fair play and the American way of life.

Hahahahahahaha!  Yeah, that was funny.

Of course it's outrageous to think Hilliary and the Dems would try to steal the presidency by fraud, because...well, she's always been dedicated to the truth, right?  And doesn't break the law. 

Stop, you're killin' me here.

Once Hilliary is declared by the emperor's peeps to be the winner, no federal agency will bother investigating any claim of voter fraud, even if massive and obvious.  Because no one wants to go up against the vindictive, shrieking FAB.  So...fraud it is.

Of course you won't hear about vote fraud on the nightly news, nor read about it in a big-city newspaper.  If you wanna learn what's going on, internet posters will pick up *local* stories in their areas.  But those stories won't make it up the mainstream media chain, because everyone in the MSM loves Hilliary and hates conservatives.

And of course with Hilliary in the White House all illegals will be given U.S. citizenship, producing another 15 million Democrat voters.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.


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