Sunday, September 4

Way more Americans have government jobs than manufacturing jobs--but don't worry, citizen!

From the founding of the U.S. to 1989, the country had more people employed in manufacturing than in a government job.

In August of 1989 the number of people employed by government (at all levels) exceeded the number of Americans involved in making things, for the first time.

Last Friday the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics posted the latest figures for both categories, and guess what?  Today about 12 million Americans are employed in manufacturing, while over 22 million are employed by all levels of government.

Note this data is NOT from some crazy right-wing blogger but from the federal government's Bureau of Labor Statistics

But don't be alarmed, citizen.  Remember, the economy is BOOMING!  It's better than it's ever been in history--just like the number of illegal aliens (ooh, sorry! "temporarily-undocumented Americans") pouring across the southern border is at an all-time low--both things thanks to our brilliant emperor and his faaabulous policies!

I mean, why would any sane liberal want more icky ol' manufacturing jobs, anyway?  They just consume energy and emit that awful, planet-killing carbon dioxide.  Far, far better if we all make movies, or maybe documentaries for PBS.  What America needs is more recording artists, more actors, more avante-garde artists!  Merger specialists.  Lawyers!  Telemarketers.  Politicians.  Government employees.  You know...good jobs.

Keep voting Democrat, citizen, and make more of those icky manufacturing jobs go away.  It's the enlightened thing to do.


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