Monday, August 29

"Special snowflake" demands that university re-sign all unisex restrooms because term is "uncomfortable"

Just when you think the "special snowflakes" who infest college campuses can't get any nuttier, they outdo themselves.

This time it's a goofy little dweeb at U of Missouri, who has made it his mission to force the university to change the signs on all the "unisex bathrooms"--because he's offended.

And why is he offended?  Because...well...
"Unisex is just such an uncomfortable and outdated word,” MU student Sterling Waldman told the Columbia Missourian. The word, he claims, excludes people who identify as neither male nor female. 

Waldman serves as the social justice chair in MU’s student senate, and successfully pushed for the student government to spend $5000 of student funds on relabeling unisex bathrooms around campus.
If you're not understanding how in the hell the word "unisex" could possibly offend people who "identify as neither male nor female," join the club.  The term seems as inclusive as possible--at least to rational adults.  But of course, look who we're dealing with here.
So looks like simply (!) forcing every grade school, high school, university, government building and business to pony up "unisex" bathrooms wasn't enough.  (And of course everyone with a functioning brain knew it wouldn't be.)  Now the "social justice warriors"--a.k.a. special snowflakes--at least at this one very sad university, demand that the place spend supposedly-scarce funds on...renaming the ridiculous "gender-neutral" bathrooms to get rid of the offensive label.  
As an aside, Mizzou's administration estimates it'll cost about $11,000 to re-sign all the unisex bathrooms, so if precious Sterling is to be placated the university will have to pony up the rest of the cash.  And based on past history I suspect the spineless administration will cave rather than tell the SJW's to just shut the fuck up already.  
Oh, sorry, should I have put a "trigger warning" there?  My bad.


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