Thursday, August 25

Europe shows it's serious about reducing assaults on women

How bad is it getting in Europe?  You wouldn't believe...

In Denmark a teenage girl in the small town of Sonderborg was sexually assaulted.  She used pepper spray to try to fend off the attacker.

Sure enough, the attacker fled.  Now the local government is fining the girl for using pepper spray to defend herself. 

In neighboring Germany the same authorities who have invited a million so-called "refugees" to enter the country--only to see a huge rise in attacks by male Muslim "refugees" on German girls and women--have come up with an equally insane idea to prevent attacks on German women:  Give girls temporary tattoos displaying the word ‘NO!’

Oh yeah, that'll work.  Apparently the bureaucrats believe the poor Muzz were assaulting women because they simply had no idea that Germany didn't allow men to sexually assault women.  The authorities seem to believe the tattoos will remedy that.


Idiots.  Europe and the U.S. are both being run by 'em.

But don't worry, citizen:  Hillary will defend the rights of women to not be assaulted.  Well, unless they were assaulted by her faabulous husband.


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