Monday, August 29

Liberal moonbats order Oregon to stop using coal by 2020; are convinced "renewables" will substitute

The population of Oregon is extremely liberal.  And like almost all libs they're easy prey for people selling "magic bean" ideas--things like promising free health care or free college or flying cars in every garage.

"Numbers?  Why should I be concerned about those, man?  Don't bother me numbers cuz we'll just let the experts deal with those little details."


And now in their zeal to "go green" that state's legislators have voted to force the state's only coal-fired generating plant to shut down by 2020.  And where will the state get the electricity to replace the plant's generating capacity?  Why, from renewable energy, of course!

And in the extremely unlikely event that the wind occasionally fails to blow hard enough to provide the electricity everyone demands [that's sarcasm, if you can't tell], the legislators have graciously allowed the state's electric utilities to buy electricity from...other states.  But after 2030 the lawmakers decreed that Oregon consumers wouldn't be allowed to buy power from any state that used any coal to make electricity.

Unfortunately coal is the second-most economical way to make electricity.  (The most efficient is hydropower, but the environmentalists have made it impossible to build any new dams, so that's out.)  This means that the electricity needed to replace the coal-fired capacity the legislators are shutting down will necessarily be a lot more expensive than the energy it's replacing.

Which means all consumers' electric bills will rise.

Hey, that's okay, citizen.  You weren't doing anything with that "extra" money anyway, so you won't mind paying twice as much as you pay now to keep your lights on, eh?

Meanwhile we'll ship the coal that the Oregon generating plant used to China--which loves coal-fired power and doesn't scrub stack gas. So...lose-lose-lose.

Except for China, of course.


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