Wednesday, August 24

Flashback: Team Obama hires actors to wear lab coats and stand behind the prez to help sell Obamacare

Back when Obama was trying to convince congress to pass Obamacare he made a series of speeches telling Americans how totally faaabulous it was gonna be.

In many of these speeches he appeared with people in white lab coats on a platform behind him.  They looked like doctors, making it look like docs supported the ghastly bill.

After one speech a conservative reporter tried to interview one of the "doctors" to get the guy's opinion on the bill, but the presumed "doctor" refused to be interviewed, or even to tell the reporter his name or who he worked for.

Investigation revealed that the guys in the lab coats weren't actually doctors--indeed, they weren't in any medical field.  Instead they were actors, hired to make Americans believe that doctors supported the bill.

In reality, most docs realized it would be a disaster for them.  But the emperor was determined to ram the thing into law, so the idea of hiring actors to look like docs seemed perfectly normal.  Who cared if it was fake?

And at that point you realize:  The emperor and congressional Democrats didn't have the faintest idea of how the bill that became Obamacare would actually, y'know, work.  But no matter: faking it was good enough.  Cuz, you know, if it turned out to be a disaster as written they knew they could always get the courts to fix it.

This approach mimics Obama's whole "community organizer" shtick:  He never had to stick around and take responsibility for terrible results.  He just took the money and beat feet.  Always got away with it, which led him to conclude--accurately--that it was a great way to operate.  All you had to do was look like you knew what you were doing and no one would ask tough questions--let alone hold you responsible for the poor outcome.

And as president, nothing has changed except the number of zeroes in the cost of the disaster. 


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