Thursday, August 25

Feds sue school system to force 'em to put ADD / ADHD students in mainstream classes

The emperor's laughably mis-named "Justice" department has filed suit against the state of Georgia for allegedly segregating students with behavioral or emotional problems.

This isn't segregation by race.  Rather, the school system recognized that students with certain "behavioral conditions" made it extremely difficult for the other students to learn.  Indeed, sometimes a student who "acts out" commands all of a teacher's attention.  So the district was trying to give special-needs students more attention, while improving learning for everyone else.

Of course this is too logical, so naturally it violates some rule, regulation or law--in this case the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which says school systems must put developmentally-challenged students in mainstream classrooms.

Most Americans were okay with the ADA forcing every business and government building to put in ramps, add braille to signs and so on.  But I suspect fewer Americans thought the law would be used to force schools to put "emotionally challenged" students in the same classroom with (fairly) normal students.

Much like no one ever thought the government would try to use "Title 9" (requiring schools to have sports programs for girls) to force schools to allow men "identifying" as female to use the girls' locker room.

But here we are, eh? 

It's almost as though every law, if enforced as written, has a ton of unintended consequences.  Kinda makes ya wonder if anyone in congress actually reads the damn things before they pass 'em, eh?

And I suspect this will only get more extreme under Queen Hillary.


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