Thursday, August 25

Female Democrat governor refuses to answer when asked--3 times--if she thinks Hillary is honest, trustworthy

How honest is Hillary Clinton?  Here's how a Democrat governor--female--dodged the simple question "Do you think Hillary Clinton is honest and trustworthy?"

A CNN reporter was interviewing New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan (D).  Here's the exchange:

Q: “Do you think she’s honest and trustworthy?” 
Dem governor: “I support Hillary Clinton for the presidency because her experience and her record demonstrate that she’s qualified to hold the job.”
Q: “Do you think she’s honest?” 
Dem governor: “She has a critical, critical plan, among others, for making college more affordable.”

Q: “But do you think that she’s trustworthy?” 
Dem governor: “I think that she has demonstrated a commitment always to something beyond herself, bigger than herself.”

What does this tell us?  Well, ya can't scream "partisan politics" since the person being asked for her opinion is a Democrat.

Ya can't scream "bias by a conservative news network" because the interviewer is from CNN--often called the "Clinton News Network" because of their slavish support of Hilly and Bill. 

And ya can't scream "sexism!!!" because the person being asked for her opinion of Hillary is a woman.

And yet the female Democrat governor refused to answer the question, not just once but three times. 

Think a few Democrats might realize Hillary is a thoroughly corrupt liar?

Sure.  But they'll all vote for her anyway, because...Dimocrat/female/not Trump.

And the steady descent--or as Democrats would put it, "progress"--toward hell continues unabated.  


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