Wednesday, August 24

Nation's descent into liberal insanity continues unabated: mayor of Seattle wants taxpayers to fund heroin sites

How crazy has the nation gotten under the emperor?  Consider this:

The mayor of Seattle has formed a "heroin task force."   You might think he's trying to motivate his police force to bust sellers.  Nope, the mayor is pushing for the city to open "safe-consumption sites" for addicts--"safe-consumption being a wonderful euphemism for places where heroin addicts can shoot up "safely."  Funded by taxpayers, of course.

And a majority of the members of this task-force agree.  Better yet, they propose to give users clean needles to make it even more convenient to shoot up.

And of course the mayor and his task-force will also require that the "safe-consumption" sites be ready to administer heroin-blocker drugs for users who overdose--again, funded by taxpayers (of course).

If this is a good idea, why stop there?  Why not expand the program to included people who are addicted to meth, or cocaine?  I mean, if the idea is good for heroin, why isn't it equally good for other drugs too?  Looks like a clear case of discrimination!


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