Monday, August 29

Another Obama lie goes down the memory hole

If you're just now in college you probably don't know that when Obama was trying to get congress to pass the total disaster called Obamacare, on 25 occasions he gave speeches in which he made a so-called "promise" to American voters.  He said
"If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.  If you like your health insurance you can keep it."
He said that because critics were warning that it appeared that the preliminary rules of the horribly-designed program would force millions of Americans to use a different doctor than one they'd used and liked for many years.  And of course millions of Americans would be forced to get new health insurance because the bastards who rammed this down your throat demanded that, for example, all new health insurance policies had to provide birth control, regardless of age.  Silly shit like that.

Apparently the idea of losing a trusted doc didn't sit well with lots of folks, so the emperor realized he had to counter these potentially-fatal criticisms.  Cuz if enough Dem congresswhores got enough angry letters and calls from their constituents warning that if they voted to pass that bill they'd be out of a job, they wouldn't have enough Dem votes to pass it--despite having majority control of BOTH the house and senate.

Fast-forward.  Tens of millions were indeed forced to change doctors and health policies.  Oooh, said the Democrats, we need to get our storm-troopers to confiscate all those thousands of copies of videos showing the great emperor looking voters right in the eye and lying through his teeth.

"What do you mean 'We can't do that'?  We run this damn country, so we oughta be able to...."

Okay, they dropped that idea (though not for lack of desire) and cleaned up their reputations another way:  Ever since its first day of operation the government's health-care website has included the question--important to lots of people--"Can I keep my own doctor?"  Unfortunately that phrasing made the contrast between the emperor's repeated, emphatic *promises* and the actual truth too obvious.  So a couple of days ago they simply changed the section from the straightforward question to "You may be able to keep your own doctor."

Much better.  Keeps voters from recalling many, many video statements that began "And I promise you this..."  Let alone the sleazy POS obamacare architect Jon Gruber saying they knew this was a lie from the outset.

Earlier this year the White House also removed an alleged "Reality Check" from its own website, which stated "Linda Douglass of the White House Office of Health Reform debunks the myth that reform will force you out of your current insurance plan or force you to change doctors."  Of course for millions of Americans that's exactly what happened.

When your party gets caught out in a flat lie, simply make all evidence of the lie vanish, and that'll fix things.  Cuz the average person has the attention span and memory of a clam.  Five years from now not one American in 100 will recall the emperor promising that.

As Orwell said, it will have "gone down the memory hole."

Great job, Democrats!


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