Wednesday, June 15

More Americans may be starting to realize how bad the emperor's policies really are

Leftist policies are almost always wrong, but Leftists are rarely called out even when those policies produce horrible results, for two reasons:  First, the mainstream media makes it a top priority not to connect the disastrous results to the people who crafted the disastrous policies and forced them on the rest of the country.

Second, as long as those disasters were cushioned by wealth and security they were easy to overlook.  For example, the huge increase in the cost of health insurance for anyone not getting a government subsidy, and the obscenely higher deductibles may not be due to any flaw in the magnificently-conceived disaster called Obamacare, but could simply be due to, say, global warming.  See how easy that was?

The Democrat-run media is also very good at blaming any disaster of a horribly ill-conceived or executed program on Republicans--again, insulating the actual liberal/Democrat authors from criticism.

For example, every leftist and mainstream media outlet effusively praised the faabulous socialist policies of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez.  But when the inevitable happened and those policies destroyed what had been the richest economy in South America, the U.S. mainstream media almost couldn't be bothered to do a story on the disaster.  They mostly ignored it.

So when roughly 100,000 Venezuelans massed in the broad streets of the capital to protest government killings of protesters--a number easily confirmed by cell phone pics from the tops of buildings--CBS reported "hundreds of protesters."

Besides, Leftists are certain Bernie or Hillary would do better than Hugo and his hand-picked successor.

One of the foundations of liberal social and foreign policy is that by pushing the supposedly faaabulous benefits of multiculturalism, and bringing in 100,000 unvetted muslim refugees per year, our society will be much improved--"vibrant with diversity," as they like to say.

But the killing of 49 people in an Orlando gay nightclub by a muslim--who took time out between killing long enough to call a local TV station and explain that he was killing his victims "for ISIS"--has rocked the left.  Not, as you might think, because of the large death toll but because such events seem likely to increase the number of Americans who realize that damn near all of the government policies the emperor and his comrades in the Democrat party have rammed down our throats are insane.  Suicidal.

But finally the U.S. has used up almost all the safety and prosperity margin that formerly masked the failures of liberalism.  Normal Americans now see themselves under immediate threat.

Increasing numbers of Americans are starting to recognize the emperor's lies and bullshit reassurances about Islam for what they are.  A consistent pattern of bad decisions and failures of his policies--and repeated attacks on westerners by muslim extremists around the world--have made a lot of Americans suspect that either he's incompetent, or else may not actually be putting our nation's interests first.

Death and poverty have at last come to the West and this fact is burning holes in the liberal narrative. With all Trump's flaws--and they're certainly many--it's no surprise that his "we will make America rich again, we will make America safe again, we will make America great again" strikes many Americans as a message of sanity after 8 years of the opposite.

It would appear that many liberals, miffed at seeing their once invincible rhetoric fall flat more and more often, assume the problem is simply that they're not using the right phrasing.  "We just need better platitudes."  Yeh, that's it.

Democrats and leftists have never been called to account for their disasters, but after a few years passed they always ended up claiming that if only we'd give them another trillion dollars, and approve all the powers they demanded, then this time everything would work just as they predicted.  Success was just around the corner, always in the future.  Suddenly a fair number of Americans are realizing that the future isn't worth much if you can't get there.  What matters is now--and what will get us through current problems is competence and putting America's interests first.

Trump may not be more competent than Hillary but at least he knows a government won't succeed without it, and knows how to hire competent people rather than hiring to make a diversity quota.  It seems unlikely that Hillary realizes either of those things.

H/T Richard Fernandez at PJM


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