Monday, June 6

San Jose: Did the Democrat mayor order cops to stand down and let Mexican mob beat Trump attendees?

For those of you who depend on the tv networks for your news, you may have missed an event of nation-shattering significance:  In San Jose Trump was giving a speech at a local convention center.  About 300 to 350 anti-Trump protesters--waving Mexican flags and carrying signs written in Spanish--massed outside and started beating attendees.

While that's unconscionable and should result in death sentences, it's what we've come to expect from La Raza and Leftists in general.  No, the shattering thing was that someone ordered the cops not to intervene--i.e. to let the mob beat and stomp heads and egg defenseless people as they wished.

I'll repeat that because you probably didn't get the significance:  At a rally, the Left started attacking people, and instead of the cops arresting the folks who were assaulting the victims, someone ordered the cops to stand down.

That someone seems to be the Democrat mayor of San Jose, a golden boy named Sam Liccardo.  Astonishingly, this asshole initially blamed Trump for the assaults, claiming that he said things that incited the thugs, who were absolutely compelled to attack, because...well, he wasn't clear on the why, but certainly he didn't blame the largely-Mexican mob.

In this case the mayor issued a statement that said, in effect, "Well, we couldn't go arresting these fine folks because we were afraid that might incite the mob."

Except the press release used "insight"--which is sorta' ironic since that seems to be missing in Democrat circles.

Folks, we've just crossed the Rubicon.  (If you graduated from a public high school after 1980 or so you'll probably need to google that.)  When the mayor of a city--and a strong partisan--orders cops to pull back and let a mob beat people at will, the law effectively no longer exists.  That is, it is used only to control and jail YOU, but will allow others to plunder you at their leisure.

Although the Left is dumber than dirt on many topics, they're super-quick to detect when the cops are standing around with their thumbs up their asses instead of being "regular cops." 

In this case they learned that they can attack and physically beat those who have opposing political views, and get away with it--simply by being in a Democrat-run city.  Cool, huh.

I'm not a Trump fan, but this shit should be met with a firing squad.  Instantly.

So the takeaway:  the cops won't protect you from Leftist thugs.  'Nuff said.


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