Tuesday, June 14

Obama plan--already running--will force cities to build low-income housing in middle-class neighborhoods

Unless you live in a city where commuting times are outrageous, or you're a hip millenial or gen-Xer, if you can afford it you've probably moved out of the inner city to where it's quieter, safer and the schools are infinitely better.

So...are you ready to move back to the inner city, where it's noisier and less safe--and more important, where the schools are such a disaster that girls are raped in bathrooms and students regularly punch out teachers?

No?  Ah, well...too bad for you, because in his final months in control of his wildly Constitution-shredding government, the emperor has started a program to bring inner city living to you.

Did that sentence make sense?  It shouldn't.  It sounds insane, and you should be mad as hell.  But sadly, in the age of Obama voters simply shrug and say "What can ya do, ya know?"

The emperor has announced plans to use three federal agencies to prod cities and states to build a low-income housing in middle-class suburbs.  And those agencies have already announced plans to force cities to build low-income housing--also known as "the projects"--in your neighborhood.

It’s part of a carefully-contrived plan at the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to expand a program it calls Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH).  The emperor has now expanded this program so that two other federal agencies--the Department of Transportation and the Department of Education--will also get into the act.

Under AFFH--and keep in mind, this is NOT a law but a decree issued by the agencies at the emperor's demand--any city or town that receives block grant funding from HUD to rezone neighborhoods must obey the federal diktat if they want to get the funds.  And of course all local pols always want that pot of federal gold, no matter the strings attached.

In a joint letter released at the beginning of the week, the secretaries of the three agencies--including Democratic golden child Julian Castro--said
We recognize that a growing body of research supports the benefits of socioeconomic and racial diversity in schools and communities, and that such diversity can help establish access points for opportunity and mobility.  We also recognize that children raised in concentrated poverty or in communities segregated by socioeconomic status or race or ethnicity have significantly lower social and economic mobility than those growing up in integrated communities.

“Rising economic segregation means that an increasing number of low-income households are located in distressed neighborhoods where they face challenges such as failing schools, high rates of crime, and inadequate access to services and jobs, making it harder for individuals and families to escape poverty.
They "suggest" that state and local educational agencies allow “boundary-free open enrollment or lottery schools when drawing school attendance boundaries, and selecting sites for such programs as charter schools or magnet schools.”

Connecticut Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy announced Wednesday he will introduce legislation that promotes “positive” research for federal monitoring over local community demographics.

Okay, so if inner-city schools have ghastly problems with sex assaults and students punching out teachers, what will your suburban schools--which will be compelled by the emperor's new program to accept out-of-control inner-city students--do differently that will magically transform problem students into good citizens?

That wasn't a rhetorical question, liberals.  Seriously, I'll wait while y'all tell us what new approach your brilliant school administrators will take to change outrageous and disruptive behavior to normal behavior.  You may have the best intentions, but tell us exactly what you'll do differently that will solve the problems being experienced by inner-city schools.

Remember, the emperor's Department of Ed won't let you suspend--or even discipline in any way--a greater percentage of minority students than others.  Cuz that's raaaacis'.  So...we eagerly await your grand plans.  Seriously.


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