Tuesday, June 14

Orlando shooting

While we can expect more info to keep coming in for several more days, the wacko Left has gotten right on top of this one:  They were instantly tweeting that the shooter was filled with "straight rage" against gays.  Oh, and the shooting was caused by Republicans and Christians opposing gay marriage.

I'm not kidding.  A strange person--Chase Strangio, an attorney for the ACLU specializing in transgender issues--was all over this, bitching about Republicans causing the shooting.  (Warning:  don't click the above link unless you have a strong stomach.  Strangio seems to be a really nasty piece of work.)

And even though the shooter was a muslim, liberals were absolutely certain Christians were really to blame, and that the shooting had nothing whatsoever to do with Islam.

Islamic groups like CAIR jumped in:  To say the shooter might have been motivated by the crazy dictates of his "religion" was simply Islamophobia.  Others said the cause of the mass shooting was islamophobia.  Seriously.  Astonishingly, their spokesman sought to make the killer's muslim upbringing vanish, by linking Islamophobia to homophobia:
Homophobia, transphobia, and Islamophobia are interconnected systems of oppression and we cannot dismantle one without dismantling the others.
'You gays shouldn't be upset at muslims cuz we're all being equally oppressed and mistreated, right?'

Then reports started coming in that Mateen was actually gay.  He'd been coming to this club for months and was well known to the regulars.

Hmmm...seems like that kinda defeats the "straight rage" bullshit blame, eh?

Now a serious question: How in the world could a wacko killer have gone into a nightclub and killed 49 people?  I don't see how that could possibly happen, because Democrats and liberals have been telling us for years now that if we'd just put up stickers saying "gun-free zone" the wackos and killers wouldn't bring any guns inside.

Florida has a law banning guns in bars.  Perhaps a liberal can tell me why this crazed Muslim guy had the brazenness to violate that law--and those cute stickers that say "This is a gun-free zone."  It's just a total mystery.

And of course the anti-gun crowd blamed--not the shooter but the guns he used, and howled that all this could have been avoided if we'd just let the Democrats ban guns--which has been their agenda for a couple of decades now.


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