Thursday, June 9

Mob attacks in San Jose--and the mayor's stand-down order--show that Democracy itself is under attack

How do you know when you've just witnessed a key historical moment--a "game changer"?  Consider the brutal attacks on unarmed civilians who wanted to hear what Trump had to say in San Jose last week. 

The attack by a mob estimated at 350 the thugs in San Jose--armed with bags of rocks, eggs and garbage to throw, as well as fists and kicks, and carrying Mexican flags--was nothing less than an effort by the Left and Democrats to intimidate anyone who wanted to hear what the GOP presidential nominee had to say. 

That by itself is an outrage--a rape of Democracy.  But it was made far worse by the fact that the Democrat mayor of San Jose seems to have ordered the cops to take no action to protect the folks who came to hear Trump speak.  That is, he allowed the mob to attack the Trump fans with virtually no police intervention.

Of the scores of individual attacks--including rioters hitting people with rocks and eggs--the cops made a grand total of 4 arrests.

Democracy itself is under attack, by the Dems and the Left.  When partisan politicians--in this case the Democrat mayor of San Jose--allow a mob to get away with throwing rocks and eggs, democracy is finished--because the next step is stationing thugs with clubs outside polling places to intimidate voters who look like they're unlikely to vote "correctly."

The first issue in this election was how the two major political parties could nominate such awful candidates, but the major issue has now become the assault on democracy, and the question of whether the latter will survive.

The clearest indication that you've just witnessed a "game-changer" is when you realize there is suddenly no way back how things were before.  That seems to be what happened last week in San Jose.

Politicians in the Democrat party seem mostly unconcerned about both events in San Jose--both the mob attacks and the mayor ordering the cops to stand down.  As far as Democrats are concerned both events were actually good thing, since they'll reduce turnout for Trump rallies, and thus reduce the number of fraudulent votes Dems will need to fabricate.  And after all, Democrats know you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs--or heads.  When it comes to winning the presidency, what are a few small mob attacks, eh?

H/T Richard Fernandez at PJ media.


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