Thursday, June 9

State Department claims it would take 75 YEARS to find and turn over Clinton emails to 3 top aids

If not classified under formal national security rules, e-mails to and from government employees on government computers are supposed to be open to the public.  But as with many other laws, the emperor's regime doesn't want to comply with this one either. response to stonewalling by Hillary and Obama's State Department, the Republican National Committee made a request to the emperor's state department under the so-called Freedom of Information Act, asking for copies of all emails between Hillary's 3 closest top aids and the queen herself while she was secstate. 

Predictably, the State Department didn't respond, so the RNC filed a lawsuit demanding that these public records be produced--something the law requires them to do.

Faced with the lawsuit--and ONLY because if you don't respond to a lawsuit you usually lose by default--two days ago the state department responded.  And it said..."we estimate that it would take 75 years to fulfill this request from the Republican National Committee for emails of three top Hillary Clinton aides."

Excuse me?  75 years to produce those emails?  This is absurd.  An insult.  Hell, it only took 'em 4 years to created the damn things in in the first place.

State Department spokesman Mark Toner admitted the estimate was shocking but said it's accurate because the RNC's request is "very complex," a "very broad range involving a number of people over a period of four years.

The emails being sought are beween Hillary and three of her former aides: Cheryl Mills, Jacob Sullivan and Patrick Kennedy.
One sure sign that the emperor's minions--and indeed, all Democrats--have nothing but contempt for the law, and voters, and know there won't be any consequences for telling the people to fuck off--is stuff like this.  Any reasonably competent computer programmer could write a routine in 3 hours that would flag all emails from any of the aids to Hillary, or vice-versa.  To whine and lie and say it would take 75 years is such an egregious lie that someone should be fired or jailed for trying that bullshit.

But such is life in the age of the emperor.


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