Monday, June 6

The insanity continues--part 584,695

While your attention was diverted by news stories about a gang of 350 Mexican nationals beating up U.S. citizens who were attending a Trump rally in San Jose, California (Republic of Northern Mexico), the emperor's minions pulled yet another fast one on ya.

Before last month, when illegal aliens entered the U.S.--illegally, in case any of the special snowflakes were a bit confused on that point--Homeland Security would hold 'em in dorms (and in one case in a resort) near the border while it asked 'em the most basic questions trying to establish whether they were who they purported to be.  A second purpose was a quarantine to see whether they had obvious signs of infectious diseases before they were released into the entire U.S. population.

But according to Judicial Watch, Border Patrol sources report that last week (DHS) began releasing illegals with no vetting or quarantine period at all, just quietly transporting illegal immigrants from the Mexican border to Phoenix and releasing them at the bus station.

This is a concern because one-third of Syrian refugees (for example) sent to Vermont tested positive for tuberculosis, which is far more common in third-world countries than it is here.

Of course the Obama regime advised the state government of Vermont about this known problem, and asked the state to advise its citizens to take proper health safety measures, which at least minimized the possibility of passing this often-fatal disease to Americans.

OH WAIT, the emperor's minions did no such thing.  As far as is known, no one at the federal level said jack-shit about any TB problems.

Your emperor is infinitely wise--at least according to his fellators in the mainstream media.  The only way he could not have realized this was a problem was if his minions at DHS, ICE, CDC and all the other alphabet nightmares failed to tell him.  If they failed, they should all be fired.

But if they told him...if they told him and he still allowed illegal f'n immigrants with f'n TB, fer cryin' out loud, to settle in the U.S.--often wherever they liked--this is a crime of the first order.

Which is to say, business as usual for the emperor.


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