Wednesday, April 13

15 state A-G's will prosecute any company that says anything critical of global warming?

Of course you think that couldn't possibly be true.  After all, didn't the First Amendment supposedly guarantee "freedom of speech"?  
Yes it did.  But that was when the Constitution was the "supreme law of the land."  Under the emperor that's no longer true--because last Friday the A-G of the Virgin Islands demanded that a think-tank (the Competitive Enterprise Institute) turn over ten years of its records on every communication with any energy-related company, in an effort to see if the think-tank had tried to coordinate a strategy for countering the relentless push by the Left/Democrats to raise taxes on carbon-based energy to sky-high levels.

The A-G of New York noted that his office intended to prosecute any company found to be writing or publishing opinions debunking the idea that global warming was caused by humans.

If this isn't slapped down by a federal court, it will mean the government can prosecute anyone for saying or writing anything they don't like.

"Ridiculous," you may well say.  "The government isn't infringing on MY right to free speech, it's merely trying to prevent huge, evil corporations from lying about global warming."

That misses the entire point:  If the government can criminalize speech on this topic, what would keep it from criminalizing speech on any other topic it didn't want discussed?



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