Thursday, March 17

Obama's lackeys release illegal who killed an American girl, despite cops asking ICE to detain him

The emperor's lackeys keep on following his orders to the letter--specifically, to release and refuse to deport any illegal immigrant who accidentally happens to be arrested.  And refuse to cooperate with local law enforcement if they try to apprehend illegals for serious crimes.

In this case a 19-year-old illegal in Omaha was drag-racing while totally drunk--blood-alcohol level three times the legal limit.  He struck and mortally injured a 21-year-old woman, who died a few hours later.

The illegal was momentarily arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  Shortly afterward Omaha police asked ICE to detain him pursuant to charging him with vehicular homicide and drunk driving.

ICE said, in effect, "You local cops can piss off," and released the guy on a paltry $5,000 bail.  (I'd add "astonishingly, released the guy" but no one reading this will be astonished, or even mildly surprised, at this bit of traitorous, anti-American crap from Obozo and company.  I mean really, are you even a bit surprised?)

Now the story has finally broken out of the local Omaha paper, and last week the U.S. senate (otherwise a totally useless body) asked ICE director Sarah Saldana to explain why her agents ignored the detainer request and instead released the killer. 

Saldana gave an explanation that Democrats would have called a lie when Bush was president, claiming ICE ignored the detainer request because the victim, Sarah Root, "had not passed away” at the time the illegal alien drunk driver bailed out of jail.  This is bullshit because she died within hours, while the illegal wasn't bailed out until the next day.  Also, of course, ICE didn't bother checking with Omaha law enforcement before they released the bastard, so they couldn't have known whether the victim was alive or dead.

Go ahead, senators:  Ask they lying bitch who made the call to the hospital, and when, and who they spoke with.  You're lying, lying, lying, and you and every rational adult knows it.

What's stunning is that you lied so brazenly, about a matter so easy to verify as false.  It's almost like you knew your emperor wouldn't care if you brazenly lied, because he knows he's invulnerable.

The killer has now vanished, of course.

Unfortunately the emperor is still in the White House.

May God help us.

This is your government in the era of the emperor.  This outcome was totally predictable by anyone other than a liberal/Democrat.  Be glad it wasn't your wife or daughter. 


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