Thursday, March 17

DHS sends permanent-resident green cards to people who didn’t apply for them

Your emperor's Department of Homeland Security has a division called Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS).  We now learn from DHS Inspector General John Roth that CIS has been sending permanent residency cards to the wrong addresses. Even to people who have filed change-of-address forms.  As the Washington Post noted:
…officials acknowledge there is “no accurate means of identifying the exact number of potentially hundreds of cards sent to incorrect addresses for cases processed in ELIS.”
As seems to be the case repeatedly in government lately, the blame goes to the computer systems, as if they are beyond [human] control.... But that’s apparently the case at CIS.
The report says the cards were sent erroneously “due to a system limitation” that prevented humans from changing the addresses. Even when green-card holders requested a change of address, employees could not update the system.
In other words, the computer system was badly designed in the first place. 

Is anyone surprised?  Look at who's sitting in the oval office.  Yep, the emperor.

As Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) likes to sarcastically comment, “The country’s in the best of hands.”
Translation:  The U.S. as we knew it is pretty much dead.  Hope that's what you wanted, cuz it's sure as hell the truth.

Hat tip American Thinker.


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