Wednesday, April 6

Chalk up three more Americans killed by an illegal alien who'd previously been deported but had illegally re-entered the country a second time. 

The crash killed a father and his two young daughters, ages 4 years and 22 months.

From the Dallas News:
A 33-year-old who officials say is in the country illegally may face criminal charges after crashing into a volunteer firefighter’s car in Lavon last week, killing him and two children.

A van driven by Margarito Quintero struck fire Capt. Peter Hacking’s car, authorities said.  Hacking and two of his children, 4-year-old Ellie and 22-month-old Grayson, died at the scene.

Quintero, a Mexican citizen, entered the U.S. illegally in August 2006.  He was arrested on criminal charges and deported in 2008, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Now before any liberal whiner goes all whiny and wails that this was simply a tragic accident and that it's outrageous to blame the illegal for an accident, be advised that I'm well aware of that, thanks.  That wasn't the point I'm gonna make.  Two, actually

First is this:  If a *legal* driver falls asleep and his/her car crosses into your lane and kills you, your wife can sue him/her and at least get some financial compensation so she won't be impoverished by your death.  But illegals virtually never have liability insurance.  After all, they've already shown that "laws" don't mean shit to 'em so why would they give a damn about driving without a license or insurance?

Second:  It should be obvious to even the most dimwitted liberal by now that deportation isn't remotely a deterrent to illegals re-entering the U.S.  And almost no one wants to saddle taxpayers with the cost of jailing 'em for an effective number of years.  So what types of solutions are left?

Liberals will reply, "This isn't a problem.  And even if it was, there is simply no way to stop it.  You dumb, whiny, xenophobic conservatives must simply submit to the continuous flood of illegals into the country.  Oh, and we need to give them citizenship too.  So they can vote liberal/Democrat.  Sweet!"

This is why liberals are the enemy--they want to let anyone in the world come to the U.S. and get citizenship (except whites or Christians).  They want this because of "virtue signalling," and because it ensures that liberals and Democrats will run the government for the next 50 years or more.

Of course there IS a solution.  It's just that Democrats/liberals don't want to do it, and in fact don't even want it to be discussed, precisely because it IS a workable solution:

Build the fucking border fence.

Whatever it costs, it'll be billions less than the cost of supporting an endless flood of illegals.  Plus it gives conservatives at least a fighting chance at slowing down our nation's anvil-like plunge toward socialism and dictatorial, unconstitutional rule.

And for the record I'm not a Trump supporter.  But even wackos sometimes have good ideas.  Building a formidable border fence is a good one.


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