Thursday, March 17

An interesting tweet promises riots if Trump wins; Is it authentic?

And closely following the instructions of your emperor, the following tweet appears today under the byline of "Tef Poe."  No idea whether it's a hoax.

Interesting, if authentic.  And if authentic, we can expect the emperor--who has professed himself shocked by the violence-inciting rhetoric by Trump--to thoroughly denounce this kind of talk by his own supporters.

Yeah, I'll take all bets on whether the emperor will say a single word about this statement.  He won't, because he's not really against violence by his own people.  He just wants to use the natural aversion to violence to tar the GOP front-runner.

Consistency?  Nah, thanks, we're liberals.

UPDATE: Poe deleted his tweet and then claimed that he never made the comments.  Like most technically naive people, he believed deleting the tweet made it un-happen.  Surprise, asshole! The tweet is archived-- here among other places.

Now Poe is whining about “slander”--presumably implying he'll sue anyone who says he made the original tweet.  Talk crap, then play the victim when you get challenged on your crap.  Same thing EVERY time with libs, Dems and social justice warriors.

Hat tip to Gates of Vienna.


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