Saturday, March 19

Victimism has become the highest goal of the Left

In many parts of the U.S. the idea of individual virtues is ridiculed.  It's been replaced by "victimism," cleverly named "social justice," which has now become the highest value held by your "elite" betters.

The law has become a weapon, used by the Left to bludgeon conservatives.  Not surprisingly, once people recognize this, they begin to view the whole system with contempt.

Each "victim" gets to talk about their feelings for fifteen minutes before crybullying for someone’s head. 

Marxism was built on this same feeling:  You have more than I do, so it must be because you've inherited your wealth, or stolen it, or cheated me out of mine.  Thus the only fair remedy is for me to re-claim what you must have stolen.

Of course Marxism cloaked this greed and envy in elaborate terms, making it sound like a science.

Today the left's ideas can be condensed to “[____] upsets me.”  The implicit goal is that when they take over, no one will be allowed to upset you, because the Left will be in charge of everything.  And of course who is allowed to say what upsets them?  Why, the victim, of course.  And the government will take over from there.

We can either have a virtuous society of free men and women, or we can have a government whose main goal and purpose is to take from the industrious and give to the lazy, under the gauzy, amorphous notion of "You have more than I do--I want it.  And I'm entitled to it."

H/T Gates of Vienna.


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