Thursday, March 24

An outside-the-box idea

Following the bombing in Belgium by Islamic monsters that murdered 34 and maimed another 250 or so, I think it's time to roll out some new ideas for how to put an end to this.  Because clearly, the emperor's line about them being a "JV team" and that his singularly brilliant efforts have "contained" them, or "have them on the run" has proven to be utter bullshit.  (I know, we're all just shocked that the emperor would be wrong about something.)

Frankly I'm for dropping tactical nukes on any ISIS positions found, but I realize no one else in the U.S. is ready to do that so we'll shelve that for now.  For now try this:  Ally with the Russians.

Russia has suffered more civilian dead from Islamic terrorists than France, Belgium and Germany combined.  Among other atrocities, in 2004 terrorists took over a school in Beslan and killed at least 186 school kids. They have good equipment and a well-disciplined military.  Our two nations should be allies in the fight against the emperor's so-called "JV team."

A look at how Russian operations differ from ours is instructive:  For the last six months or so in and around Syria, both the USAF and Russian air force were flying missions to roll back ISIS.  Last I read both the Russians and Americans had flown roughly the same number of missions.  The Russians had actually dropped bombs on something like 95% of their missions, but the USAF had only dropped on something like 5 percent of theirs.

Yes, non-career AF ground crewmen report that 95% of the time our aircraft brought all their weapons back to the home base, because they couldn't get permission from the chain of command to actually, you know, do something offensive. 

Why so shy?  You won't find an active-duty officer who'll say, cuz none of 'em wants to sacrifice their careers, but the most logical explanation is that the orders came down from higher up the chain of command.  And the generals in the Pentagon take their orders from the White House--in this case to 'go easy.'

I also realize that Russia has been defending the Assad regime in Syria, and that Assad's shown that he's perfectly willing to bomb and gas fellow Syrians.  Yes, that's a serious problem.  But I don't think we should let that keep us from allying with the Russians to interdict ISIS.

Of course this arrangement won't happen as long as the emperor is in power, nor if--as seems frighteningly likely--Hillary assumes the throne next.  But it strikes me as a very good idea.


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