Friday, March 18

FBI concludes attacker's motive unknown, despite carrying Islamic-themed manifesto

Last November on the campus of the U of California-Merced, a young muslim dressed in black, carrying an Islamist-themed manifesto and a printed ISIS flag in his backpack stabbed four people.  The manifesto was even annotated with reminders to pray to Allah between stabbings.

Two days ago your emperor's FBI wrapped up its investigation.  And their conclusion?

"It may never be possible to definitively determine" what motivated the bloody rampage.

The emperor's Department of Justice will carefully avoiding stating the obvious, which is that an individual who stabs unarmed students in the name of ISIS is a terrorist.

But to your emperor's lackeys it's simply impossible to know what motivated the guy.

In a series of press conferences in the days following the attack both local and federal law enforcement repeatedly claimed that the man attacked because he'd been excluded from a study group.  However, that story contradicted statements his roommate gave Merced County Sheriff’s detectives.  The roommate told detectives Mohammed was “a loner” and “an extreme Muslim,” who threatened to kill another student if he touched his prayer rug, and who dressed all in black before leaving his dorm to try to kill his fellow students.
Both the FBI and campus police have refused to provide copies of Mohammed’s manifesto and the photocopied ISIS flag to news organizations, saying the investigation was ongoing.

But don't worry, citizen:  Your emperor is keeping the country safe from terrorists.  Really.  Just ask any Democrat.  And Hillary will be just as good.


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