Monday, March 21

Commenters at cop blog say Chicago cops ordered not to wear riot helmets at anti-Trump riot

Interesting...there's a blog by a Chicago cop, and a week ago he wrote a piece on the riot in Chicago that forced Trump to cancel a rally.  The author apparently has a good rep and many of the commenters implied they were cops too, which wouldn't be a surprise.

The rioters were throwing bottles and rocks at the cops, who didn't have riot helmets or batons. Several cops were hit and required stitches.  Rioters also sprayed unknown liquids on several cops, possibly some homemade version of pepper spray, or possibly worse.

Now here's the odd thing:  Several of the commenters noted that they were *ordered* by superiors NOT to wear helmets (which also have face shields).  This seems odd, to say the least.  And if true it would indicate that whoever made that decision--presumably the top officials in the CPD but possibly mayor Rahm Emmanuel himself--are putting political imagery ahead of safety.  That is, they presumably knew that having cops show up at"demonstration" in riot helmets and batons would have shown Americans across the country what was really happening.

It would have increased support for Trump, so it's not unreasonable to think the Dem leadership might have wanted to avoid that .

Seems to me some enterprising reporter might want to run this down.  Were any cops ordered not to wear helmets?  If so, how many cops got such an order?  Which precincts?  Who gave the order?

Of course having some experience with life in Democrat-run states I don't for a momentexpect to get any *honest* answers.  Career pressure--as in, "Would you like to keep your job, officer?"--will ensure that while you might have two dozen cops in the local bar one evening swearing they personally got that order, the next day  no one will go on the record.  It would be a career-ending move.

On second thought, forget it.  A majority of votes--whether cast by individual voters or otherwise--will elect the lying Hillary as president.  It's what we deserve.  The emperor's third term, as it were.


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