Tuesday, May 13

Why do Leftists, Hillary, academics and feminists hate the military?

Ever notice that the Left, Hollywood's shakers, Hillary Clinton, academics and feminists seem to hate the military?

Ever wonder why that is?

My guess is that it's because all of 'em fundamentally believe several unreal things:  First, that there's no such thing as Evil.  Rather, when people do unspeakably cruel and depraved things--often to innocents like unarmed school *girls*--it's because the thugs have been deprived or abused in some way.  Like because they didn't have enough money growing up.

Second:  They believe anyone who thinks Evil does exist is defective, gullible, unenlightened and dumb.

Third:  That truly Enlightened folks (i.e. the Left, Hollywood's shakers, Hillary Clinton and "progressives") are uniquely able to talk those who murder and behead and rape and cut throats of innocents into giving up their...um...forceful ways.  They can do this because they're...Gifted.  So you need to send 'em money.

Fourth:  If you let them run the country (by electing Democrats), All Will Be Well.

The mere existence of our armed forces exist is a silent rebuke to all the above, because it represents a truth the Left can't and won't admit:  That some people just want to kill and/or terrorize Americans and/or other westerners.  That they're willing to commit any atrocity--like killing hundreds of school kids (google "Beslan") to advance their cause.  And that asking them nicely not to do bad things accomplishes exactly jack-shit.

As long as the throat-cutters stay far away, the Left can pretend their "leadership" and methods are working.  But when Reality hits America--as on 9/11--only the most hard-core Leftists continue to make that claim.  For the rest of us it's "Okay, enough is enough."  A reasonable president calls on our armed forces to go slap some sense into those who did it.

Of course the Left doesn't want that to succeed, since it would utterly destroy their control, so they use every tool they can devise to sabotage the effort:  Trivial acts--Abu Ghraib--become front-page news for a year.  Movies are made about the very real human costs of war.  Newspapers endlessly wail about the huge monetary cost.  (Yeah, it's expensive.  Was that your point?  Would you prefer paying for another 9/11 every decade or so?)

Reality proves--daily, as in Nigeria--that the Left's policies and fundamental beliefs are useless against an amoral enemy.  Of course no one likes being forced to face that revelation, so they do everything in their power to hide reality, or spin it so the public doesn't see it.

Oh, Leftists are also experts at re-writing history.  Thus virtually no Americans will learn about the State Department's refusal to designate Boko Haram as a terrorist group while Hillary was SecState.  Rather, we can expect sources to tell top reporters that Hillary herself wanted the designation but somehow this was blocked by nameless bureaucrats.


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