Thursday, May 8

U.S. national security advisor--and Obama propagandist--assures Israeli PM that the U.S. won't allow Iran to acquire nukes

Speaking of shameless liars:  Remember Susan Rice?  She was formerly America's U.N. ambassador, who went on five Sunday talk shows right after Benghazi to push the White House fable that the attack was the result of an internet video.

Because she lied so willingly--and convincingly--Obozo considered elevating her to Secretary of State after Hillary announced her departure. 

Wow, pretty sweet promotion for lying, eh?  But alas, the prospect of Rice having to submit to questions from Republican senators during the required confirmation hearings was too risky for Team Obama, so Barry promoted her to "National Security Advisor."

Frankly I'm surprised that he just didn't give her a "recess appointment" to the post and tell the senate to fuck off--would have been more in Barry's style.  Guess he thought that might attract more attention to Team Obama's lies about the "spontaneous demonstration caused by an internet video insulting to Muslims."

In any case, with that background:  Rice was in Israel recently to brief America's "chief regional ally on the progress of the negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program."

She told the Israeli prime minister that the United States will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons.

And of course you can, like, totally believe this because Rice has, like, a really impressive title.  Plus look at her record, and who she's representing.  I mean, has Barack ever lied to you before?

Full disclosure:  I am not affiliated with or related to Israel in any way, nor do I own property there.  I just think the contrast between a nation that has Arab members of its legislature and allows freedom of religion, with all the surrounding Muslim countries, speaks for itself.


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