Friday, May 9

Muslim thugs kidnap 200 Nigerian school girls; Obama knows exactly what to say: "We can wear them down."

By now you've probably heard that about a month ago a Muslim gang in northern Nigeria called "Boko Haram" kidnapped 200 schoolgirls.  The leader has now posted a video on the internet saying he plans to sell the girls as either wives or sex slaves for a few bucks each.

Wait, I hear liberals saying.  "This act doesn't represent 'mainstream Muslim' thinking.  This person, this gang have to be extremists.  Plus, they were probably forced to do this because they were so poor.  Yeh, dat's it."

Anyway, America's Precious--da Lightworker..da Chosen One--was quick to say Just The Right Thing to put this ghastly, indefensible act in perspective.  Speaking at an event for the Steven Spielberg-backed USC Shoah Foundation, he said this:
Having to think through what levers, what power do we have at any given moment, I think, drop by drop by drop, that we can erode and wear down these forces that are so destructive, that we can tell a different story.
Got that?  Da Lightworker has thought through what levers or power we have "at any given moment," and he's concluded that "Drop by drop by drop, we can...wear down these forces...that we can tell a different story."

Ohhhh-kay.  And how, exactly, do you propose to wear 'em down?  By launching a barrage of brilliantly-worded Tweets?  Threatening to draw a Red Line?  Perhaps you'll send John Kerry over to show 'em how to marry wealthier women.  Or would you simply dazzle 'em by flashing your Nobel peace prize? 

Cuz the way I see it, the only thing that dissuades people like this asshole from kidnapping your kids is the virtual certainty that some adult male with balls will come over there, kill all his supporters--yes, all of 'em--and then string the vile bastard up by his thumbs until he rots.

Your administration *could* have made all such scum think better of kidnapping schoolgirls, but you repeatedly ran in the face of force.  You caved.  You squirmed and lied and wriggled and evaded and lied some more and blamed others and squirmed some more and lied some more until...finally...not a single person on the entire planet believes you'd ever do anything against the perpetrators of any atrocity, no matter how horrible and no matter if American lives were lost.

By your feckless, gutless, ill-conceived cowardice you've painted both yourself and America into a corner.

It's come down to this:  If Iran succeeds in building atomic bombs, one of which is "stolen" by "extremists" who detonate it on the deck of a containership in NY harbor, the betting is overwhelmingly that you wouldn't do jack-shit.

Well that's not *quite* accurate:  you'd ask the U.N. to sanction Iran, and you'd have your national security director bar a dozen Iranian political leaders from entering the U.S., and you'd freeze a few bank accounts. But that's all.  And the Iranians know it.

Hell, everyone on the planet knows it. 

You're great at using dirty tricks--leaks of sealed court records, challenges to opponents' eligibility--to win elections.  Great at fundraising.  But real leadership of what was once the beacon of the free world?  You must be kidding.


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