Saturday, May 10

Politician's family business gets $392,000 gift from gummint while she's running the state's commerce department?

Here's another in the long list of stories of politicians using their influence to funnel taxpayer funds to Eeeevil corporations:  In Wisconsin a candidate running for governor is the daughter of a guy who founded Trek Bicycles.  She's touting her experience as "head of strategic planning" for the family company as showing that she'd be a good choice for governor.

She also served as Secretary of Commerce for the state--a position ostensibly designed to help businesses.

What no one wants to talk about the fact that while Burke was serving as Secretary of Commerce her family company received an $875,000 loan funded by Wisconsin taxpayers.

Later $392,300 of that loan was forgiven, according to a company spokesman.  In other words, the family company of the Secretary of Commerce got a $392,000 gift from taxpayers from the agency she was running.

See?  Crony capitalism at its worst.  Those damn Republicans keep giving taxpayer money to themselves or their families or to big campaign donors.  Of course "there's not a smidgen of corruption" in this deal, not anywhere.  It's just how Republicans reward themselves with taxpayer money.

What's that?  You say candidate Mary Burke is actually a Democrat?

Well in that case, never mind.  I'm sure she'll be great.


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