Monday, May 12

Two reviews of the new book by former Obama treasury secretary

Obama's Former Treasury Secretary has just published a book of his recollections of being in that job.  Here are two reports on that book.  See if you can guess which one belongs to which newspaper.  Here's the first:

White House wanted Treasury Secretary to LIE to the public about Social Security being behind the deficit

  • In memoir, former Treasury Secretary says the White House wanted him to mislead Americans about the long term costs of Social Security

  • Here's the second review:
    "Stress Test” does not provide any big new revelations, nor does it shed new light on the inside workings of the Obama White House. The book attempts, rather, to explain why Mr. Geithner and his colleagues made the choices they did. 
    So according to the second review the book does *not* contain any "big new revelations."  But the first review said...what??  Is it that the statement that Team Obama asked Geithner to lie was already widely known?  Somehow I must have missed that.

    You have to wonder if they actually read the same book.

    Oh, the first review was from the U.K.'s "Daily Mail."  (You knew it had to be from an overseas paper since it was critical of "the White House.")

    The second is from some goofy shopper.  Oh wait--it was the NY Times.

    Eh, it's an easy mistake to make.


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