Sunday, May 11

More effort by Leftist rags to blame Boko Haram terror on...anything at all except Islamic fanaticism

Earlier I posted about the thorough refusal of western media to tell readers that a gang of Muslims in Nigeria has been killing Christians by the thousands--literally--and most recently kidnapped 270 school girls.

Here's an example: A piece in the U.K.'s hard-left Guardian:
Behind the rise of Boko Haram: ecological disaster, oil crisis, spy games

The kidnapping of over 200 Nigerian school girls, and the massacre of as many as 300 civilians in the town of Gamboru Ngala, by the militant al-Qaeda affiliated group Boko Haram has shocked the world.  But while condemnations have rightly been...less attention has been paid to the roots of the crisis.

Instability in Nigeria has been growing steadily over the last decade - and one reason is climate change. In 2009, a UK Department for International Development (Dfid) study warned that climate change could contribute to increasing resource shortages in the country due to land scarcity from desertification, water shortages, and mounting crop failures.

A more recent study by the Congressionally-funded US Institute for Peace confirmed a "basic causal mechanism" that "links climate change with violence in Nigeria." The report concludes:
"...poor responses to climatic shifts create shortages of resources such as land and water. Shortages are followed by negative secondary impacts, such as more sickness, hunger, and joblessness. Poor responses to these, in turn, open the door to conflict."
Unfortunately, a business-as-usual scenario sees Nigeria's climate undergoing "growing shifts in temperature, rainfall, storms, and sea levels throughout the twenty-first century.

Oh yeah.  And those rising sea levels absolutely forces those poor, poor Muslim men to murder Christians.
According to [an academic], the forerunner to Boko Haram ... included many victims of ecological disasters leaving them in "a chaotic state of absolute poverty and social dislocation in search of food, water, shelter, jobs, and means of livelihood."

The other issue is Nigeria's intensifying energy crisis. In recent months, the country has faced a fuel crisis partly due to the government slashing previously high fuel subsidies, contributing to increasing public anger and civil unrest.
But while corruption and ageing infrastructure play an important role, the end of cheap oil is the real elephant in the room. One study by two Nigerian scholars concluded in 2011 that "there is an imminent decline in Nigeria's oil reserve since peaking could have occurred or just about to occur; this is shown to be in agreement with previous studies."
And this explains why Muslims are burning Christians while the latter are inside their churches?

David Francis, one of the first western reporters to cover Boko Haram, noted that "Most of the foot soldiers of Boko Haram aren't Muslim fanatics; they're poor kids who were turned against their corrupt country by a charismatic leader."

Apart from the fact that the west has been content to turn a blind eye to these problems by propping up the corrupt Nigerian government while accelerating oil and gas deals, there is a further complication.

Abundant evidence shows that al-Qaeda in the Maghreb (AQIM) have exploited the rise of Boko Haram to gain increasing control of the Nigerian militant movement.

What we're not being told, however, is that al-Qaeda's rapid expansion through northwest Africa has occurred under the rubric of Algerian state intelligence services - with US, French and British knowledge.
Our relationship with the Algerian military junta, responsible for the massacre of hundreds of thousands of civilians, is driven by the usual unquenchable thirst to access what the US energy department estimates are the world's third largest shale gas reserves.

According to Prof Jeremy Keenan...the west's oil and gas greed has caused our governments to turn a blind eye to the role of oil states like Algeria in fostering regional terrorism - instead exploiting the resulting chaos to legitimise efforts to consolidate access to remaining African energy reserves.

If this analysis is correct, then the hundreds of innocent girls kidnapped in Nigeria are not just victims of Islamist fanaticism; they are also victims of failed foreign, economic and security policies tied to our infernal addiction to black gold.
So let's see here:  According to the Left the cold-blooded murder of thousands of Christians by Muslims  isn't due to Muslim thugs but rather any or all of the following: a) rising sea levels and other forms of climate change; b) poverty; c) corruption in the Nigerian government; d) Algeria; e) the west's oil and gas greed; f) failed foreign, economic and security policy; or g) "our infernal addiction to" oil.

The Left is determined to convince you that Islam is not the problem.  And certainly they want to be very careful not to mention that they're systematically killing Christians.  Cuz, you know, "religion of peace" an' all.


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